Reusable Douche for Women & Men with 2 Nozzle and 1 Brush, 310ML (Blue)

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About this item

  • Including 2 Nozzles and 1 Brush, Black capacity rubber enema bulb is made of premium PVC, BPA FREE and can be used for anal.
  • Soft and comfortable entry, apply to most lubricants for anal and vaginal cleansing.
  • Enemas are convenient to use, just fill the liquid, attach the long rounded-tip nozzle, extrusion enemas bulb.
  • Simple and friendly Design: it provides a perfect non-slip grasp, with leak-proof design. It is perfect for men and women perform the procedure at home by themselves. Works for maximum anal cleanliness.
  • Easy to clean: screws out the nozzle and fill the bulb with liquid, bulb and nozzles can be cleaned safely with vinegar, soap or warm water.