Tasty Jojoba and Sweet Almond Flavored Massage Oil with Coconut and Vitamin E

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  • Relaxing Massage Oil - Our almond massage oil is the ideal massage tool to reignite passion with your partner enriched with coconut oil for skin hydration and a blissfully smooth non-sticky massage
  • Mango Scented Body Oil - Designed to delight and inspired by delectable desserts let our flavored massage oil elevate your massage with a mouthwatering body massage oil that leaves skin kissably soft
  • Coconut Massage Oil - Transport yourself with our alluring aromatherapy oils providing the perfect glide to your massage thanks to our blend of almond and jojoba oils plus vitamin E oil for skin care
  • Natural Massage Oil - Ingredients picked fresh from nature allow our natural essential oils and carrier oils to blend flawlessly bringing you the best nature has to offer such as jojoba oil for skin
  • Premium Honeydew Quality - Enjoy our non-greasy non-staining oils with a partner or alone to heighten your massage experience count on Honeydew for natural pure feel-good and guilt-free ingredients